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Mława poviat (county) has the long history, because it was the border region, located between Mazowsze and East Prussia.Mława became the city in 1429, obtaining the civic rights from the Princes of Mazowsze. The XVI century was characteristic of a fast development of some settlement centres of Zawkrzeński Lands. In 1564 the city of Mława had already about 2500 inhabitants. From the beginning of XVII century a słów economic decline of lands (which nowadays are located within the Mława Poviat) began taking its effect. The Swedish Incursion was a catastrophe which accelerated the sad decline. After the second partitions of Poland the area of today's Mława Poviat was under the Russian and Prussian reign. Thanks to its advantageous localisation near the border, the Mława city became an important grain, wool and fish trade centre. Launching of the Nadwiślańska railway linę - at the end of XIX century - opened some development prospects for Mława Poviat. In 1877 a railway border-crossing with Germany was built. At the same time a customs office as well as some workshops were constructed - to positively influence economic and cultural boom of the city and the neighbouring area. At the beginning of XX century Mława had almost 20 thousand inhabitants and was the richest and one of the most beautiful cities on the northern Mazowsze region. The history calls the period from 1 to 3 September 1939 as the „days of glory" of Mława or Battle of Mława and Poviat inhabitants. The 20th lnfantry Divison of the „Modlin" Army defended the shortest way to the capital, resisting the outnumbering German forces. During the occupation the Poviat's inhabitants were exterminated. Herę 11 thousand of civil population died and 65% ofthe town was destroyed.


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