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  • Dairy Plant in Mława
General characteristic Economy of Mława Poviat, has industrial and agriculture character. The latter reflects natural conditions and tradition od this area. Big role in development of agriculture and rural areas plays small and medium enterprises of food processing branch (i.g. dairy plant in Mława, pork,poultry and beef meat processing plants). In the rural areas, in spite of consitently developing of SMA’s sector, the main employers are public institutions such as offices, schools, cooperatives, etc. As far as industry is concern particularly electronics, construction, food processing and shoes industry are developed in the most remarkable way. Among branches represented by private entitles the dominated ones are construction, transport and mechanical services. At SME sector predominates small firms employing below 5 persons. However, in Mława commune and in rural communes of Mława Poviat function also bigger firms above 100 employees. In Mława Poviat several foreign companies conduct economical activity e.g. LG Electronics Mława Ltd, Curtis Electronics, DAE YANG, GC Polska, etc. Biggest Polish companies are Zakład Mleczarski Mława Sp. z o.o., (dairy industry) Przedsiebiorstwo Uboju i Przetwórstwa Drobiu ILCZAK Sp. z o.o. (poultry idustry),Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej S.A (transport) w Mławie, ARTIM Ltd (oil distribution), Fabryka Kabli „Technokabel” in Szreńsk, . .


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