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Address: Urząd Gminy w Wiśniewo 06-521 Wiśniewo POLAND tel: +48 (23) 655 70 25 fax: +48 (23) 655 72 27 wójt - mayor of the community: Zbigniew Kleniewski The Wiśniowo commune is situated the south of Mława. Due to good communication location and Mława town nearness in this commune the building industry, especially investment building and housing develops. Ali villages have water-pipe and telephone network. Due to its convenient localisation and the nearness of Mława the commune is developing into a building industry - mainly the one-famiły houses and the investment-related building industry. The oldest place in the commune is Żurominek. Due to good communication location and Mława town nearness in the commune the ,the sawmill, the carpenter's workshop, the bakeries and servises unites. Each village has some modern and guickly developming farms. Farms deal with the breeding of pigs, milk cattle and growing crops and vegetables. The predominant soils are poor guality. The large parts of the arable land are meadows and pastures (ca 40%). The average farm is 12,10 ha.



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Starostwo Powiatowe w Mławie
ul. Reymonta 6, 06-500 Mława
tel. (23) 654 34 09