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The main government, economical and culture centre of poviat is Mława town. This is also the oniy town commune, where lives as many as 40% poviat population (ca. 30 000 inhabitants), whereas area is only 2% of poviat (35 km2). The commune, which has the greatest area of poviat, is Strzegowo (1/5 of poviat area, 11% of poviat population). The remaining communes are smaller,and neither of them is greater than 5.5 thousandof people. The all communes in poviat (except from Mława town) are typical agricultural regions. Several of them have over 80% of working people employed in agriculture. In northern part of poviat (communes: Dzierzgowo, Szydłowo, Wieczfnia Kościelna and Strzegowo) are broad areas of woodland, the river valleys with wealthy flora and several naturę reserves. In all communes the soil is classified as of average or poor fertiiity. The big area is grassiand; hence stock farming, pig and poultry farming are very important there.



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